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We offer a wide variety of Ballustrades.


Glass balustrades are great for those who want to enjoy uninterrupted views. They are also very fashionable on current and modern building designs.
There are even frameless versions available, allowing them to be as unimposing as possible, making a space seem larger. Frameless systems need to be engineered properly and signed off by an engineer to ensure that the glass is the correct thickness and has been installed correctly to take the required load.
Remember, though, that the downside of glass balustrades is that they need to be cleaned regularly as dirt shows quickly, especially if used around a pool area, on outside balconies or outside staircases. 



Stainless steel is another modern option, ideal for a minimalist look. It is an environmentally friendly material and requires little maintenance, simply requiring occasional washing with normal household soap and water. Note that mild steel is not an environmentally friendly option as it rusts and needs to be maintained by sanding and painting every so often.